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No matter how hard parents work to protect their children’s safety and health, children remain vulnerable to injury from the carelessness and neglect of others and the dangerous and defective products to which they are exposed. Children may be injured in schools, amusements parks, daycare centers, friends’ and neighbors’ back yards, in traffic accidents, and even in their own homes. Dangerous conditions on land and in buildings; lack of reasonable care by businesses, employees, drivers, and others; and products that pose unreasonable dangers to consumers have all caused children’s injuries and deaths that could have been prevented.

If your child has been injured or has died due to someone’s negligence or a dangerous and defective product, you may be entitled to compensation for your child’s suffering through legal action. The Killino Firm’s child-injury attorneys have extensive experience with child-injury cases, including those arising out of injuries caused by negligence or by defective products intended for child or adult use. Contact The Killino Firm LA at 213-623-2544 for a cost-free evaluation of your case and additional information about your legal rights and options.

Legal Liability for Children’s Preventable Injuries and Deaths

child injury lawyer laChildren’s injuries and deaths are all too often caused by the negligence of others or by dangerous toys and other products to which unsuspecting children have been exposed. In such cases, the negligent individuals and entities or the companies involved in the defective products’ production and sale may be held legally responsible for children’s injuries and deaths through personal-injury or wrongful-death actions.

Children’s Injuries and Deaths Caused by Defective Products

Defective products of all kinds have the potential to cause serious injury or death to children who use or are otherwise exposed to them. These products may include equipment, household furniture, and other products intended for adult use but to which children are exposed as well as children’s toys and other products intended for use by children. When a defective product is found to have caused a child’s injury or death, the product manufacturer and other entities in the chain of the product’s production and distribution may be held legally responsible for the child’s injury or death.

Defective Toys and Children’s Products

Toys are frequently found to contain defects that render them unreasonably dangerous for children’s use. Even when these toys have been recalled by their manufacturers, the manufacturers and others involved in their production and distribution may be found strictly liable for the damages suffered by an injured child or a deceased child’s family due to the child’s exposure to the dangerous toy.

Toys with toxic levels of phthalates, cadmium, or formaldehyde (many of which are made in China), may poison or cause hormonal or reproductive problems in children who have put these toys in their mouths. Toy toasters with parts that easily break into small pieces or other toys with small parts that easily come off may pose serious choking dangers to young children. Toys with battery compartments that easily open can also result in serious injury or death to children who gain access to batteries. Button or coin-sized batteries, in particular, may be swallowed or choked on by children, resulting in fatal chemical burns or serious injuries from the release of electrical charges.

Other products intended for children’s use may also cause children’s injuries and deaths. Strollers that can amputate children’s fingers due to a defect in the design of their hinges, play ladders that can break under a child’s weight and cause fatal or non-fatal fall injuries, infant car seats that do not adequately protect children in crashes or that may not unbuckle when children’s emergency removal is required, highchairs that pose fall or strangulation hazards, crib mattresses that do not fit properly and can cause suffocation injuries to small children, and bean-bag chairs that can suffocate children of any age are only a few examples of the many dangerous and defective children’s products regularly marketed to U.S. parents.

Defective Adult’s Products

Products intended for adult use may also cause children’s serious injuries and deaths. Laundry detergent packets, or pods, for example, have poisoned thousands of U.S. children who ingested their contents after very reasonably mistaking them for toys or candy. Televisions, TV stands, and dressers that can easily tip over or be pulled down by curious children have often been found to have caused children’s impact or suffocation injuries or deaths.

When children’s or adult’s products are found to contain defects in their design, manufacture, or warnings that rendered them unreasonably dangerous for their intended or reasonably expected uses, the products’ designers, manufacturers, suppliers, assemblers, wholesalers, retailers, and others involved in their production and distribution may be found strictly liable (i.e., without proof of negligence) for children’s consequent injuries and deaths.

Children’s Injuries and Deaths Caused by Negligence

Children’s injuries and deaths are also frequently caused by the carelessness or neglect of others who have failed to fulfill their duty to exercise reasonable care for children’s health and safety. Such individuals and entities may include landowners, adults in whose care children have been entrusted, drivers, the owners and operators of businesses, and many others.

Daycare centers and their employees, for example, may cause children’s injuries and deaths through negligent supervision by daycare staff, inadequate staffing of centers, negligent screening of staff by daycare owners and operators, dangerous design or maintenance of indoor and outdoor facilities, and other instances of negligence. When a daycare employee is found to have negligently caused a child’s fatal or non-fatal injuries in any of these or other ways, the employee as well as his or her employer may be found liable for the damages suffered by the injured child or the deceased child’s family as a result.

Amusement park and playground injuries and deaths may be caused by the negligence of owners, those responsible for park or playground maintenance, and park or playground employees. Individuals or entities hired to maintain playground or amusement park grounds or equipment, for example, may be held liable for injuries sustained by children due to negligently maintained rides, playground equipment, or park or playground surfaces. Employees who negligently operate rides or supervise children on playgrounds may also be found legally responsible for children’s injuries and deaths determined to have been caused by such negligence.

Business and private property owners may be held liable for children’s injuries and deaths caused by dangerous conditions on land or in buildings. Pools without adequate fencing, business premises with unsafe staircases, and abandoned buildings or construction sites to which children are attracted and can easily gain access may all result in children’s injuries and deaths for which business and private owners may be held responsible.

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If your child has been injured or has died as a result of someone’s negligence or a defective product, The Killino Firm’s nationally respected team of child-injury lawyers can help you obtain the justice you and your family deserve from those responsible for your child’s injury or death. Contact The Killino Firm LA at 213-623-2544 for compassionate yet aggressive assistance with your child-injury case.

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