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Dangerous and defective products regularly cause serious injuries and wrongful deaths to unsuspecting consumers who have trusted in the safety of products they purchase or use. When these accidents occur, manufacturers and others in chains of product distribution from designers through retailers may be held legally responsible in personal-injury or wrongful-death products-liability actions brought by injured victims or deceased victims’ survivors.

The Killino Firm’s defective-products and products-liability lawyers have extensive experience with a wide variety of defective-products cases, including those arising out of injuries and deaths caused by defective motor vehicles, household appliances and products, toys and other children’s products, workplace equipment, and others. If you were injured or one of your family members was killed in an accident and you have reason to believe that your injuries or family member’s death were caused by a product defect, you may be entitled to compensation through legal action. Contact The Killino Firm LA at 213-623-2544 for a cost-free evaluation of your case and additional information about your legal rights and options.

Legal Responsibility for Accidents and Resultant Injuries and Deaths Caused by Defective Products

Products-liability strict-liability actions provide legal remedies for consumers who have been injured through the use of or exposure to unreasonably dangerous products. The law governing these personal-injury or wrongful-death strict-liability claims is described (or “restated”) in the Restatement (Second) of Torts, Section 402A. Strict-liability claims allow plaintiffs to recover damages for injuries or deaths caused by unreasonably dangerous (i.e., defective) products without having to prove that any of the defendants was negligent in producing the defective products or in releasing them to the marketplace. Thus, even if a product manufacturer or retailer was unaware of the existence of a product defect and had not been negligent in manufacturing or selling the product, the manufacturer, seller, and others involved in the product’s production and distribution may, nevertheless, be required to pay damages to an injured person or a deceased person’s survivors for injury or death determined to have been caused by the product’s defect. Defendants that may be held strictly liable for accident victims’ injuries and deaths caused by defective products include designers, manufacturers, suppliers, assemblers, wholesalers, and retailers of defective products. In addition, the designers and manufacturers of defective component parts of products may be also held strictly liable for injuries and deaths determined to have been caused by component-part defects.

defective product lawyer laIn order for products-liability defendants to be held strictly liable for such damages, the product that led to a victim’s injury or death must be shown to have contained a defect in its design, manufacture, or warnings at the time it was sold and at the time the injury-causing accident occurred. Thus, a safely packaged food product whose packaging became damaged after it was sold and that caused a consumer’s illness from ingestion of spoiled food will not be considered “defective” for purposes of a products-liability action. Restatement (Second) of Torts, Section 402A, comments g and h. Plaintiffs must also demonstrate that the product was being used as it was intended or reasonably expected to be used at the time of the victim’s injury-causing accident.

A product may be rendered defective because it was designed in such a way as to make it unreasonably dangerous for its intended or expected use, because it was safely designed but manufactured in non-compliance with the safe design, or because it was made unreasonably dangerous by being sold without warnings or instructions necessary to its reasonably safe use. A power tool sold without instructions regarding the necessity for use of grounded outlets or without warnings against outdoor use, for example, may be found defective in a products-liability action for damages suffered as a result of a user’s fatal or non-fatal electrocution injuries. A motor vehicle with a defectively designed roof may lead to the strict liability of entities involved in the vehicle’s production and distribution for enhanced injuries sustained by the vehicle’s occupants in a roll-over accident, and a toy that is manufactured with unsafe chemicals not included in the original and reasonably safe design may result in the liability of the toy manufacturer, seller, and others involved in its production and distribution for injuries sustained by a child from ingestion of or other exposure to the unsafe chemicals.

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If you have been injured or one of your family members has died as a result of any kind of accident involving a defective and dangerous product, The Killino Firm’s defective-products and products-liability attorneys can help you obtain the justice you deserve from the parties responsible for your injury or loved one’s death. Contact The Killino Firm at 213-623-2544 for experienced and aggressive assistance with your defective-products case.

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