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Motorcyclists are particularly susceptible to traffic-accident injuries and deaths due to the relative lack of protection afforded to bikers in comparison to that provided to occupants of other motor vehicles by enclosed-vehicle structures and other safety features. Bikers’ bodies may be hurled onto pavement or into other vehicles or objects, leading to death or to injuries with lifelong consequences. Brain damage, organ damage, limb loss, paralysis, serious fractures, and bone crushings are among the types of injuries sustained by riders who are fortunate enough to survive motorcycle crashes.

When a motorcyclist’s accident and resultant injury or death is caused by someone’s negligence or a defective motorcycle or other vehicle, the injured cyclist or deceased cyclist’s survivors may be entitled to compensation through legal action. The Killino Firm’s motorcycle-accident attorneys have extensive experience with all types of motorcycle-accident cases, including those arising out of accidents caused by driver or biker negligence, negligently maintained roads, poorly designed or operated construction zones, or defects in motorcycles or other vehicles. If you were injured or one of your family members has died in a motorcycle accident and you have reason to believe the accident was caused by negligence and/or a defective bike or other vehicle, contact The Killino Firm at 213-623-2544 for a cost-free evaluation of your case and additional information about your legal rights and options.

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Rider or Other Driver Negligence

Motorcycle accidents may cause injuries to motorcycle passengers as well as to their operators. When a passenger’s accident injury or death is found to have resulted from the motorcyclist’s negligence, the cyclist may be held liable for the damages suffered by the passenger as a result. A biker who is found to have operated a passenger-carrying motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol or another substance that impaired the biker’s driving ability and judgment, for instance, may be held liable in a personal-injury or wrongful-death action for the passenger’s resultant injury or death.

motorcycle accident lawyer laThe negligence of other drivers may also cause motorcycle accidents and motorcycle operators’ and passengers’ injuries and deaths. Drivers who fail to exercise reasonable care for the safety of motorcyclists and their passengers may be found liable for injuries and deaths sustained by bikers and their passengers as a result of such negligent driving. Motorcycle accidents caused by driver negligence frequently occur, for example, when drivers fail to watch for the presence of motorcycles or fail to yield the right-of-way to bikers whose presence they have noted. Thus, a driver who is found to have negligently moved into a lane already occupied by a motorcyclist, forcing the biker off the road or into a collision with another vehicle, may be held liable for the damages suffered by the biker and/or the biker’s passenger as a result of any injuries sustained.

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Negligently Maintained Roads and Roadway Construction Zones

Motorcyclists encounter road hazards that may not even affect drivers of larger and more stable motor vehicles. Small tree branches, rocks, bits of shredded tires, broken glass, shards of metal, and other debris that is not cleared from roads or potholes and other pavement deterioration that is left unrepaired are among the many objects and road issues that can cause motorcycle accidents and cyclists’ resulting injuries and deaths. If non-governmental employees or entities responsible for road maintenance and safety are found to have negligently left road deterioration unrepaired or to have negligently failed to clear debris from roads or highways, these individuals and entities may be held liable for motorcycle accidents and resultant injuries and deaths determined to have been caused by such negligent road maintenance. Governmental entities and employees may be relieved of such liability, however, under state governmental immunity laws.

Road and highway construction zones may also create dangers to which motorcyclists are especially vulnerable. Construction zones with inadequate warnings of grade changes, for instance, can cause motorcyclists to run up against unseen changes in grade, veer into traffic, or otherwise lose control of their bikes. Just as non-governmental entities and employees may be held liable for accidents caused by negligently maintained roads and highways, non-governmental entities and individuals responsible for construction-zone design, operation, and maintenance may be held liable for motorcyclists’ injuries and deaths determined to have been caused by the negligent design, operation, or maintenance of construction zones.

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Defective Bikes or Other Vehicles

Motorcycle accidents and resultant injuries and deaths may be caused by defects in motorcycles or other motor vehicles. Defective motorcycle brakes, for example, that are found to have caused a biker to collide with another vehicle may lead to the liability of the motorcycle manufacturer and others involved in the motorcycle’s production and distribution in a products-liability personal-injury or wrongful-death action brought by the injured biker or deceased biker’s survivors, while a defective motorcycle helmet may lead to the liability of those involved in the helmet’s production and distribution for a motorcyclist’s accident injuries determined to have been enhanced by the defective helmet. When motorcycles, motorcycle helmets, or other motor-vehicles are found to have design, manufacturing, or warnings defects causal of motorcycle accident injuries and deaths, the producers and distributors of such products may be found strictly liable for the damages suffered by injured bikers or deceased bikers’ survivors as a result.

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If you have been injured or one of your family members has died in a motorcycle accident due to someone’s negligence or a defective motorcycle, motorcycle helmet, or other motor vehicle, The Killino Firm LA motorcycle-accident attorneys can help you obtain justice from those who have caused your injury or loved one’s death. Contact The Killino Firm’s esteemed motorcycle-injury lawyers at 213-623-2544 for aggressive and dedicated assistance with your case.

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