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Avoidable accidents, dangerous and defective products, medical errors, and other instances of negligence regularly cause personal injuries that could have been prevented with the exercise of ordinary care and the production of products that are reasonably safe for consumers’ use. Injury-causing accidents that have been brought about in these ways may entitle their victims to compensation for their injuries through legal action against the responsible parties.

personal injury lawyer laThe Killino Firm’s personal-injury lawyers have extensive experience with personal-injury cases, including those arising out of injuries caused by negligence and defective products. If you or a family member has been injured in this manner, contact The Killino Firm at 213-623-2544 for a cost-free evaluation of your case and additional information about your legal rights and options.

Liability for Personal Injuries Caused by Negligence or Defective Products

Personal injuries that may lead to the liability of responsible parties can be sustained in many ways, including falls or other accidents on dangerous business or other premises, traffic accidents caused by driver negligence or defective motor vehicles, negligent medical care or treatment, and accidents caused by defective products intended for use by adults or children.

Defective Products

Defective motor-vehicles and other products used by U.S. consumers on a regular and sometimes daily basis are frequently found to have caused consumers’ personal injuries. Children’s toys and other children’s products can be particularly dangerous if made in non-compliance with federal safety standards or in other ways that render them unreasonably dangerous for children’s use. Toys with sharp edges and protuberances, for example, may cause serious or even fatal laceration or puncture wounds to children who play with them. Children’s clothing made without adequate protection against flammability or with drawstrings that can become tangled around small children’s necks may also be found defective and causal of children’s injuries or deaths.

Household products, equipment, and furniture may also cause consumers’ personal injuries if they are designed or manufactured defectively or sold without adequate warnings and instructions regarding their safe use. A dresser or television that tips over too easily, for example, may cause serious injury or death to an adult or child on whom the dresser or television falls. Electrical appliances with faulty cords, switches, or plugs may cause electrocution or fire injuries, while defective gas-operated appliances can kill or injure through explosions or the release of gas into homes.

When a product of any kind is found to contain a defect in its design, manufacture, or warnings, the manufacturer and others involved in the product’s production and distribution may be held strictly liable in a personal-injury or wrongful-death products-liability action for the injury or death of a consumer that is determined to have been caused by the product defect. These defendants, who may include product designers, manufacturers, suppliers, assemblers, wholesalers, and retailers, may be subject to liability for injuries and deaths found to have been caused by product defects even if none of the defendants was negligent in producing or selling the defective product.


The negligence of drivers, amusement-park operators, daycare-center employees, and many others is often found to have caused personal injuries that could have been prevented. Any driver, for example, who fails to take reasonable care for the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and occupants of other motor vehicles may be found liable for accident victims’ personal injuries determined to have been caused by the driver’s negligence. Such actionable negligence may include driving in violation of speed-limits and other traffic laws, driving while intoxicated or otherwise alcohol-impaired, driving while fatigued, driving while engaged in distracting activities such as eating, drinking, using cell phones, or adjusting radio stations or GPS, and any other instance of careless, inattentive, or unsafe driving.

Business and property owners may also cause others’ personal injuries through their failure to fulfill the duty of care owed by such owners to individuals who come onto their premises. A business parking lot that has been negligently maintained, for example, may cause personal injuries to a patron who trips over an obstruction or who slips and falls on icy or otherwise slippery pavement. A rental property that has not been adequately maintained may lead to a resident’s personal injury when an upper-floor porch in need of repair collapses under the resident’s weight, for example, or when the resident falls down a staircase with a railing that breaks or detaches due to disrepair.

Healthcare and childcare workers may cause others’ personal injuries through inadequate or otherwise negligent treatment or care. A doctor who fails to diagnose an illness or who fails to provide timely and adequate treatment for an illness that has been diagnosed may be found liable in a medical-malpractice action for a patient’s injuries determined to have been caused by the doctor’s negligent treatment and care, while a daycare-center employee may be held legally responsible for a child’s personal injuries determined to have been caused by the employee’s negligent supervision, failure to deny access to unsuitable or dangerous toys and other objects, or the knowing placement of a child in a damaged or defective crib, highchair, or other similar children’s product.

In these situations and others in which an individual or entity is found to have breached the duty of care owed to another for that person’s safety and health, the negligent individual or entity may be held liable for the damages suffered by the injured person as a result in a negligence personal-injury action. When personal injuries caused by another’s negligence prove to be fatal, the survivors of the fatally injured victim may be entitled to damages suffered by the survivors as a result of their loved one’s death through a negligence wrongful-death action against the same responsible parties.

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